Calvin Steel Est. May 2021

John's Path To Calvin Steel

I struck my first arc in 1997 and never looked back, I took to welding right away and when I realized that I could create anything I could envision the rest is history.  I worked at a couple different fabrication shops until 2010 when I quit my good job right before getting married to my wife Jennifer to start my own fabrication business.  With customer service marked as my number one priority I put together a very nice ad on craigslist and within a month I was as busy as I wanted to be, my customers trusted me in design, quality, communication and fair pricing.  There was no looking back after that, I am very fortunate/lucky to have been part of the design and fabrication of some of the coolest things on earth.  My brain never stops working out problems, and blending Form and Function.  

Ready for a change!

In 2019 I was worn out, I was tired of chasing money, and I needed to grow my business or find something else to do.  I was not interested in having employees and the headache that comes along with them, so I walked into Hinton Steel where I had been purchasing steel from since 1997 and asked Grant for a job.  Grant was running Hinton with aspirations to buy the company, I immediately connected with Grant and knew this was what I wanted to do for my second career.  When the purchase of Hinton Steel didn’t work out.  Grant and I put our heads together and found this beautiful building that we now call the home of Calvin Steel.  From the time we first looked at 2606 S Raritan Cir we knew this was the spot for us.  After hours and days of dreaming about how to move steel in an “L” shaped building we were able to come up with the layout we have today,  designing a racking system that could support over 800 different sizes and shapes of steel was the next hurdle. Working closely with Kyle Kaniho from Action Security Iron we nailed down a design that could be cut from 60”x120”x12ga hot rolled sheets and 3”x6”x11ga rectangular tubing.  Once I saw the first “prototype” come together I knew this iron forest was going to be the main artery in a well functioning steel distribution center.  After that, making tools, carts, desks, and more racks was the fun part of creating things that truly exhibit Form and Function.  Seeing new faces along with familiar ones keeps me going everyday.  Having a connection with a customer that is unsure about his needs for his project makes my day and keeps me striving for more.

John's Unique Warehouse Fabrications

Explore the unique shelving, tables, and carts John has fabricated for Calvin Steel.

Over 35 years of experience in the steel industry and Colorado natives, we know what you need in the local area. Stop in Monday – Friday from 8am to 4:30pm, we are here to help. 

Contact us at 303-997-7742 or visit us at 2606 S Raritan Cir, Englewood, CO 80110