Corten Steel

Also known as “Weathering Steel” was first developed for use in railroad hopper cars in 1933.

Corten / Weathering Steel

Cor-Ten/ Weathering Steel is a type of steel that is engineered to rust but not deteriorate,  originally designed for railroad cars, weathering steel requires no paint or powder coating, it is made to be in contact with dirt, water, and sun. To learn more about Corten / Weathering steel stop by and visit us.


Cor-Ten / Weathering Steel

  Cor-Ten will have an ever changing patina, the photo above shows a planter that has been exposed to the elements for about 6 months with out any help from salt or vinegar.  The initial cost of Weathering steel may be outweighed due to, zero maintenance required, no paint or powder coat means you get your project installed sooner.  Cutting and welding Cor-Ten is the same process as your typical A36 mild steel.  We stock sheets and plates of Corten and we can get Corten Tube steel, pipes, and flat bar in various sizes.

Available Cor-Ten/Weathering Steel Sheets / Plates in 16Ga, 11Ga, 3/16″ and 1/4″ thicknesses

  • 5′ X 10′
  • 4′ x 8′

New Corten / Weathering steel comes without its rust patina.  Weathering steel pieces will from a protective layer of rust based on its environment.  Once placed outside rust formation will begin after a few weeks. Corten steel contains phosphorus, copper, chromium, and nickel-molybdenum. The alloys increase the corrosion resistance of by creating a protective layer or rust or “patina”

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