Floor Plate / Diamond Plate

Versatile and Utilitarian Diamond Plate will Provide the Traction Your Project Requires

Diamond Plate

A common use for diamond plate is for traction on Shipping docks, it is able to resist the wear from forklifts and heavy pallets while at the same time offering slip-resistance and aesthetics. Walkways, platforms, steps and running boards are all good uses for Diamond Plate

Diamond plate is often selected for aesthetic purposes. The pattern of diamond plate is generally considered appealing. Items such as Toolboxes, Store Signs, Bar Tops, Furniture and Counter Tops will also be made out of Diamond Plate. 

The Sizes of Floor Plate

Floor Plate also Known as Diamond Plate and Tread Plate. Whatever you call it, we will provide the correct size for your project.

  • 14ga         4’x8′  4’x10′  5’x10′
  • 1/8″          4’x8′  4’x10′  5’x10′
  • 3/16″        4’x8′  4’x10′  5’x10′
  • 1/4″          4’x8′  4’x10′  5’x10′
  • 3/8″          4’x8′  4’x10′  5’x10′
  • 1/2″          4’x8′  4’x10′  5’x10′

If a particular item you need cannot be supplied from stock immediately, we will set out to obtain it for you, either locally or from another part of the country.  With our knowledge, and numerous contacts in the industry, we are in a good position to locate the hard to get items you need.  Depend on Calvin Steel to search for you and your time will be free for other things.

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