Expanded Metal

Expanded metal is a versatile “sheet” of steel that is lightweight and strong. 

Expanded Metal Standard and Flattened

Expanded metal wire is best used as a filler in-between voids on trailers, window wells, shelving, and even wine racks. Visit us at our warehouse in Englewood to learn more about our steel products and applications. 

Product Options

Expanded metal comes in various sizes to meet your projects needs. Flattened expanded metal is great for barricades, shelving, and even artwork.  Standard expanded metal is great for light duty trailer ramps, outdoor stair treads, catwalks, and window wells.

Dimensions include:

1/2″ #13                  4’x8′      4’x10′      5’x10′                                                                    

3/4″ #13                  4’x8′      4’x10′      5’x10′                                                                                            

3/4″ #9                    4’x8′      4’x10′      5’x10′                                                                                           

Expanded Metal is made from sheets of steel that are inserted in a specialized machine then slit and expanded up to ten times its original length. Standard expanded metal has some depth and “grip” to it, whereas flattened expanded metal is just as it sounds, Flat.  Expanded Metal sizes are defined by  the thickness and the dimension of the smallest section of the “diamond” or rhombus.

Expanded Metal Mesh Order Form

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