Sheet Metal

We stock many sizes and thicknesses of sheet metal, it is measured by the thickness and is available in  Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled, and Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled (HRP&O).

Sheet Metal Purchasing

Sheet Metal is formed from a large coil, cut and flattened by large machines Calvin Steel stocks thicknesses ranging from 20gauge .036″(thinnest) to 11gauge .120″  (thickest).  Cold Rolled is a popular choice for racecar body work, and art work.  Hot rolled pickled and oiled is a great choice for any project that requires a nice finish.  HRP&O is just Hot Rolled steel that goes through two extra steps to remove the “mill scale”.  First it is soaked in a bath of hydrogen peroxide then oiled to prevent rust which provides a beautiful clean sheet or plate of steel.

Sheet Metal and Fabrication Usage

Sheet metal is a great choice for your project if you are creating, multiple pieces on a plasma table, artwork, car body panels, privacy panels, custom railing, and signs.  Sheet metal typically comes in 48″x96″ and we can acquire sizes to fit your needs. Weather is Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled Or HRP&O (Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled) We will help you chose the right material for your project.

Available Sheet Metal Gauges

  • 20GA Cold Rolled
  • 18GA Cold Rolled
  • 16GA CR/ Hot Rolled
  • 14GA CR/ Hot Rolled
  • 11GA Hot Rolled

In 1893, Congress passed an Act establishing a standard gauge for sheets and plates to secure uniformity on sheets and plates.  The basis of each gauge number is the weight per foot in ounces, based on a 12″x12″x1″ chunk of steel that should weigh 640 ounces. Each gauge number represents a certain number of ounces in weight and a corresponding multiple of 640ths of an inch in approximate thickness based on the weight of WROUGHT IRON which is 2% lighter than modern steel. 

Sheet Metal Order Form

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